Statement of the Vice-Rector, prof. Stanisław Głuszek

Statement of the Vice-Rector, prof. StanisławGłuszek


As Vice-Rector for Medical Affairs of the Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce, Provincial Consultant in General Surgery, I appeal and ask that in the current epidemiological situation all of us show responsibility and common sense.

The coronavirus is susceptible to lipid solvents, which means that thorough, at least 30 seconds of hand washing with water and ordinary soap or detergent is key to limiting the spread of coronavirus.Adequate protection is required when coughing, sneezing, sneezing not in your hands, but in your “elbow”, it is necessary to have an adequate distance from other people, especially those suspected of viral infections (minimum meter), avoiding contact with people showing such symptoms, not giving a hand, squeezing and kissing, not touching the eyes, mouth or nose with your hands.Touching the face with your hands increases the risk of viruses getting into your airways.

f you feel unwell, especially fever and other flu-like symptoms, Chief Sanitary Inspector encourages you to refrain from leaving home and meeting other people.Only responsible behavior, compliance with the procedures established by the Chief Sanitary Inspector, quarantine of people who have returned from places where there are a lot of infected people can prevent the rapid spread of the disease.

If you have symptoms suggestive of illness, you should first contact the health services who will tell you what to do in your situation.It is not allowed to come to the emergency room alone, because a given person poses a threat to other patients.

In the face of an epidemiological threat, we need special care for older people who have chronic diseases who are particularly vulnerable to complications in the event of COVID -19.

Use all caution recommended by WHO and common sense as outlined above.



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