Uniwersytet Jana Kochanowskiego w Kielcach

Fields of study postgraduate

Fields of study in postgraduate programmes (academic year 2013-2014)
1. Public Safety Administration
2. Administration and Management for Public Administration Executive Personnel
3. Social and General Activation of Senior Citizens
4. Social and Cultural Animation of Youth and Adults
5. Archival Science
6. Pedagogical Diagnosis and Therapy
7. Regional Cultural Heritage
8. Music Education
9. Health Education with Environmental Prophylaxis
10. Economics and Corporate Management
11. European Management Programme
12. Physics
13. EU Funds Acquisition and Management
14. History
15. Jewish History and Culture
16. History and Society: Historical Heritage
17. Political Communication, Spokespersonship and Public Relations
18. Image Development (incl. Communication Skills Workshop)
19. Local Community Leadership
20. General Speech Therapy
21. Mathematics
22. Clinical Trial Methodology, Organisation and Management
23. History Education for Schools
24. Polish Language Education for Primary Schools (Grades 4-6)
25. Management of Teachers’ Problems with Special Needs Students (SNS)
26. Occupational Safety and Health in Human Resources Management
27. Health Care Organization and Management
28. Heritage Tourism Organisation
29. Early- and Pre-School Education
30. Psychological and Pedagogical Support and Crisis Intervention
31. Diplomatic Protocol and Ceremony in Public Administration
32. Teacher Education
33. Nature Education for Schools (Grades 2+4)
34. Occupational Therapy
35. Property Insurance
36. Cultural Studies
37. Education for Poland and Contemporary World
38. Civics
39. Modern Self-Government and Folk Tradition
40. Physical Education
41. Financial Management and Accounting
42. Educational Leadership
43. Health Care Facility Management
44. Social Policy Management
45. Modern Office and Archive Management
46. Human Resources Management
47. Integrated Early- and Pre-School Education with Pedagogical Therapy
48. Zoophysiotherapy

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The Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce is one of 16 state-owned universities in Poland, the only one in the Świętokrzyskie Province.

It offers education at the bachelor's, master's, doctoral and post-graduate level.

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