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Office of International Cooperation and International Research Programmes

In matters connected with research and international cooperation:


Agnieszka Bygar

tel. 0048 41 349 7339

e-mail: agnieszka.bygar@ujk.edu.pl


In matters connected with foreign departures of JKU employees and arrivals of foreign employees:


Agnieszka Tomaszewska

tel. 0048 41 349 7232

e-mail: agnieszka.tomaszewska@ujk.edu.pl

Department of Science and International Cooperation

The Jan Kochanowski University holds the rights to confer the degrees of doctor habilitated in the fields of History and Physics as well as the rights to confer doctoral degrees in the fields of History, Linguistics, Literary Studies, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Health Sciences, Political Science, Education and Fine Arts. Recent years have brought a systematic increase in the number of senior academic staff. As of 1 January, 2013, the University employed 79 full professors and 169 doctors habilitated. In 2010, the academic title of professor was received by a total of three persons, in 2011 – by 7, in 2012 – likewise by 7. As for habilitations obtained by the University’s employees, the numbers were 13, 10 and 25 respectively. The basic criterion for appraisal of academic staff is the range and number of their publications. In the years 2008–2011, the JKU employees published 527 monographs alltogether. In the year 2011, this was 129 books, including 93 published in Poland and 36 – abroad. In the same year, the University’s employees published 1,171 research papers, including 892 in Poland and 297 – abroad (see Figs. 1 and 2).
Many academic staff members publish in journals listed in Journal Citation Reports. In the whole University, the largest number of this kind of publications belongs to the researchers of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.
High activity in terms of the number of research papers published in reputable international scientific journals is also to be noted among the academic staff of the Faculty of Health Sciences (see Table 2). Researchers in humanities and social science, due to the nature of their research, disseminate their research results mainly in the form of monographs as well as research papers in specialised journals. Their papers are often published in periodicals listed in Journal Citation Reports, but most frequently appear in other types of journals. Some of these are titles listed in the prestigious European Reference Index for the Humanities. Considerable achievement is to be noted among the academic staff in two arts fields, at the University’s Institutes of Fine Arts and Music Education.
Apart from preparation of their research papers, the JKU’s employees are active participants in national and foreign academic conferences. The University itself is also the organiser of numerous events of this kind. In the years 2011-2012, 167 conferences were held, the largest number organised by the employees of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (33), Faculty of Education and Arts (29), Faculty of Humanities (17) and the Faculty of Management and Administration (10). The academic staff of the Jan Kochanowski University maintain academic and teaching contacts with many academic centres in Poland and abroad. At present, the University has cooperation agreements (general and under the ERASMUS Programme) with almost 60 institutions of higher education in Italy, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Denmark, Slovakia, Lithuania, Hungary and the United States.
The basis for financing research projects to be implemented by the JKU in Poland is budget resources dedicated to the University’s statutory activity as well as funding acquired from a variety of governmental and non-governmental sources, and – increasingly – from international sources. In the whole University, the largest beneficiary of these funds is the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences; next comes the Faculty of Humanities. An analysis of the last few years shows a upward trend in the volumes of funds acquired for research purposes in the year 2012 (see Figs. 3 and 4).
Among the most recent research project grants awarded to the Jan Kochanowski University is the project by a group of historians headed by Prof. Wiesław Caban, on “Memoirs and Letters of Polish Authors from the Western Krai Lands (Lithuania, Belorussia, Ukraine) in the years 1795-1918” (funding: PLN 800,000 from the Ministry’s National Programme for Development of the Humanities (November 2012 funding decision). In January, 2013, the University received confirmation of a National Science Centre grant award to the amount of PLN 1,700,000, under the MAESTRO 3 competition, for a research group headed by Prof. Wojciech Florkowski of the Institute of Physics to work on “The Genesis of Thermalisation Processes in Strong- Interaction Matter”. Research projects implemented under EU operational programmes also deserve to be mentioned. One of them, initiated by the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural
Sciences, is being implemented by a scientific and industrial consortium, which comprises six scientific and research units. The research objectives of this project are implemented simultaneously by all the research teams and pertain to the development of technology for a new sensor of hydrogen and its compounds for use in above-standard conditions, e.g. in heightened temperature or pressure. This research project, in progress since 2009, will be completed in 2013.

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